Saturday, August 17, 2013

Things Are Changing In My Life

Life is moving so fast I can hardly believe it! This year has been one of the busiest and most exciting I've ever had and that's saying a lot since last year I opened and then closed my own salon, started my etsy store, and became a full time writer.
Right now I'm at a crossroads and I actually know which way to go. I've opened a store on Fine Art America and I'm letting my etsy shop peter out on its own. Etsy hasn't made me any income and it has been a bit of a drain. For what I've spent there in the past year I could have paid for 3 years on FFA so it's a good decision for me. Plus FFA has fun contests to enter. Right now I've only got a few photos up, but as soon as I get time my paintings will be going up there too. I'll still be able to sell the originals, but now people on a budget can get a print and I can take them to shows and not have to worry about remembering to take them down when they sell! I can even sell my jewelry on there if I want.
I'm still a full time writer (my head would explode if I didn't write), but now I write later in the day so I can get some shots in first. My whole direction in life has changed and I couldn't be happier. My writing has gone back to being fun again and I'm no longer stressing about getting the rejections. Plus the waiting for the rejections sucks and I'm still waiting for the round that should be here soon.
I have my camera to help me pass the time and life is good.
Here's a few pet shots I've taken, let me know what you think.


  1. It sounds like a lot of wonderful and exciting changes are happening in your life!

    Those photos are fabulous! Kitty looks a little peeved. So does the turtle :)

  2. How wonderful that you have found a positive new direction. And I love your soulful animal portraits.

  3. Thanks! They were a little annoyed with me. The dog just wanted attention.
    They are: Turtle is Henrietta
    Cat is Princess, same one who yells at me all the time. ;)
    Dog is Martha.

  4. Three professional portraits!


  5. Those photos are great - cute dog, snooty cat and angry tortoise!