Monday, June 2, 2014

It's been up and down, but it's leveling out.

On Saturday May 24th I was an idiot. I also became a great cautionary tale for my nieces and nephews.
It doesn't matter how much of a hurry you're in always let the bacon grease cool before you put it in the jar. I knew this and still went to cap the jar after only 5 minutes. It slipped and I got a face and chest full of hot grease. It hurt a ton and I spent Saturday wrapped around an ice pack. Literally. A picture of my chin taken on last Monday is below. Use it as a warning to your children!
I'm healing nicely and have mostly regrown my skin now. It looks like I may get a faint scar on my forehead and another little one in my cleavage. I've been treating it with Alocane and Cocoa Butter Vaseline. I can't wait for the heat sensitivity to stop.

On Sunday, the day after trying to melt myself, my husband spotted this beautiful sewing desk out on the curb near his parents house. The guy was just getting rid of it and we took it home. It had a bit of water damage and the machine needs engine work, but I'm working on touching up the desk.

1956 Sear and Roebuck Sewing desk
I'm just lightly sanding it and only adding 2 coats of varnish. I want to keep as much character as possible.

I forgot to take picks before I touched up the top.
The Kenmore inside looks great and someone had put a new belt on it, but it needs work due to the stench emitted when it's running. I've carefully packed it in my sewing machines box with all its things until I can have it serviced. It's desk works great for my Singer though. I'm glad I no longer have to store it behind the couch.
Once it's done I'll take even more pics to share.
The old 1956 Kenmore.
That's what I've been busy with. Here's a nice picture of some purple flowers I saw last night to finish the post.
Pretty flowers

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Update on the fish and plants.

I was knocked out of commission for over 2 weeks by the worst cold or flu ever. It was so bad that all I did was watch TV and crochet until I fell asleep. I even lost about 10lbs while not moving more than it took to go to the restroom and back to bed. I'm now the proud owner of 26 snoods and will have to get a picture of them up soon.
In the meantime here are more pics of the lettuce and tomatoes. The lettuce are actually starting to form lettuce like leaves now and the tomatoes seem to have shrunk in height since we lowered the light.
Lettuce with actual lettuce type leaves!

Tomatoes look shorter to me.
Also here's an update on the tailless ciclid fish. His tail is growing back and I've named him Shaggy. He's really friendly and wants treats every time I walk past his tank. He can also count and knows when I short him a pellet. I feed him twice a day with five pellets and he gets agitated if I only drop in four. Such a smart little guy!

You can just see his tail growing back.

It's about and 8th of an inch long now.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aquaponics and a cute fish

The lettuce is growing great, but I think we may need to lower the light. I'm not sure what baby lettuce should look like though.
It seems to be coming up a bit stringy, but the stalks seem strong so I'm not sure. On Friday we'll get more chain and see if it bushes out more then.

This morning
The tomato plants are really growing well and I gave one to a coworker because we needed the room. I'm not sure how long it will take for them to fruit, this is the first time I've gotten them larger than an inch or so. It's too cool! We're growing our own food! Now I want chickens! That's not going to happen though.
They are about 6" tall!
The ciclids ate this ones tail and were starting on his side so we got him his own tank. The conditioner made the water look like pee, but it's good for his slime coat. I wasn't sure he would make it, but after a few days he now flirts for food and seems healthy. He also plays peek-a-boo with me.
I wonder if his tail will grow back. That would be cool. I'm trying to figure out what to name him, Nibbles just seems wrong. ;)
Feed me please!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aquaponics and my new bag

My lettuce is starting to sprout and it's amazing how fast it's growing. In less than a week it's already over an inch tall. I can't wait to harvest! We're thinking of moving a strawberry plant in to see how it does. This is such a fun experiment! 

I can't believe how fast they are growing! They are almost doubling in size daily. Soon we will have fresh greens! Bwahahaha!

Last Wednesday I got a new bag that I hoped would work for carrying my camera on my bike. Yes I am one of those people who will return something if it doesn't meet my needs.
I'm pleased to say it works great, especially after a few modifications. The bag is the Lowepro Streamline 250. It has enough room for my camera, it's small accessories, my Nook, and a bunch of random personal items. It will even hold a file folder so I've been taking it to work, actually I've been taking it everywhere with me and I'm quite happy.
It has padded pockets and a nice roomy interior, although the camera does push into there. You can expand the main pocket, but I haven't needed to yet. I only have 3 complaints about it and I was able to fix 2. I added a grab strap so it's easier to grab ( I almost dropped it once when I didn't have a firm grip on it); I put a strap pad on the shoulder strap because the rough edge was literally tearing me up; and even though I like the slate gray it comes in, I added a bit of decoration you the front.
So far it's been a week and I'm still loving it; which is good because I'm sure the warranty is now voided. It's great to carry my camera everywhere again, I had really missed it!
Before Bettyfication.

After Bettyfication.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I had a ton of fun on Saturday riding with my husband. We went to this great hidden bike path that has sculptures here and there on it. It made me glad I got lost on Tuesday and found it. Next time we'll take a picnic!
My favorite sculpture there.

It was installed fairly recently .

I think the whole thing was finished pretty recently. you can still smell the asphalt. In places it's like riding through a field.

Nature in the city.

On Sunday we planted the tomato seedlings and sprinkled the lettuce seeds in the aquaponics bin. I hope they survive, this is the largest I've ever gotten them to grow. My husband is in charge of it because I tend to kill things.
So far so good!
I also finished my Easter snood. I think it came out great and it looks like a flower garden on my head. I love rainbow yarn!

Easter snood rocks!
We also rode our bikes over and had a lovely brunch at my husbands parent's house and in the afternoon his dad took all four of us kids to see the new Captain America movie. It was a very nice Easter.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I made Skirt Guards

I was looking for skirt guards that would work on Sylvia but all I could find were solid type ones so I decided to make my own. It took me a week to figure out the pattern, but in the end I did it! They are a beautiful sparkling black mesh.
Before installation.
I didn't want to drill holes in her fenders to keep them on so I made it so they tie on over the fender. I forgot to make the chain guard side smaller so there is a bit of bunching, but I think it looks good.
A nice mesh to keep your clothes safe.
Since the yarn is cotton I'm not sure how long this set will last. It will give me time to work out a better pattern for the next set. I really love the way the shiny ribbon sparkles in the sun, it's an added bit of bling to my super practical bicycle.
I also made myself a snood that I am loving from the left over yarn and it's super comfortable, but that'a a post for another day.

They go great under my Wald baskets.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bike Swap Meet

On Sunday we went to the bike swap meet and it was a ton of fun. There were all kinds of bikes and people there. I didn't get many pictures because I was too busy touching every thing and flitting around like a loon. I was looking for a hub dynamo, but no one seemed to have brought one. I think I'll just get one from Duncan once I've saved up. Most vendors didn't take debit and I'm glad we didn't have cash with us or I would have bought stuff. Sylvia got a few compliments and that made my day though.
I'm looking for a camera purse that will fit in my basket so I can take my camera with me. My phone is okay, but after 150 odd miles of no falls I feel comfortable enough to carry my good one again. My current bag is to big and has to go in sideways.
A lot of people were there.
I had a ton of fun walking around with my husband. It was a great adventure to see all the bikes and bits for sale. I wanted one of everything. The best part though was how friendly the people were.
So many cool bike things for sale.
A lot of times when I go in a bike shop they speak over me to my husband. At the swap meet they saw me. It felt good.
Even the sun is up for the fun.
In some places it was slowed down to a crawl due to all the people. I hope the vendors sold a ton and I can't wait for the November one. I will remember to bring cash! It was a great day out though!
He posed for me!