Monday, October 15, 2012

The Zombie Walk was Great!

Z and I went to the zombie walk on Saturday and it was great! We went for the walk and stayed for the downtown Saturday night thing. There were tons of venders and lots of great music. I met a very talented man who makes jewelry out of recycled bicycle spokes and he even has an etsy shop! You should check it out! I really loved his bracelets that he had.
There were zombies everywhere! There were even a few zombie fighters floating around in the mix.
The belly dancers on the stage by the library were so shiny, I wish I could move like that! If I tried to balance a sword on my head it would cut my head off.
Even the Buddhists had a food cart going. I really wanted to eat there, but the line was huge! We ended up eating at Stolen Recipe Barbecue's truck and it was pretty good.
I had an interesting moment when I made the mistake of talking to the only fortuneteller there. I was curious about what kind of reading she did. I didn't want a reading and that probably got me on her bad side to start with. I said I liked the mat that she used and she was a bit rude and said "All magic must be done in a white circle". The mat was laminated black paper with a big white circle and the letters for the directions in the corners. It was really quite nice if a bit small for me.
 I of course had to respond and said ""Not in every tradition." I should have just walked away but I'm nosy.
She said how she's been doing it that way since she was taught 52 years ago.  My thoughts were "Good for you, I'm glad it works for you". At least I didn't say it.
At that point I was leaving when she said something that made me laugh. (Yes I know it was very rude of me but it just came out, and I covered with a cough.)
She said with full conviction of an evangelist "It's been done that way for 50,000 years!"
Right then all I felt toward her was sadness. All of my animosity dropped away at how she had to be RIGHT. How do you live that long and believe that strongly with out doing at least a tiny bit of research? I hope she did very well that night and wish her the best.
 It was a big reminder of why I don't usually play with other Pagans. I don't understand them and they don't understand me. Yes I know I shouldn't have laughed.
Fallen Angels

Snow White

Cow and Bunny in front

Happy Clown

Now here's some zombie pictures!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My new office!

This is my new office. It's in a corner of the bedroom so the animals can't bug me. It may be small but the rent is free and I have everything I need. I'm just glad my desk fits.
That desk is the first furniture purchase I ever made on my own. It's over a hundred years old and I'm the third owner. It even has its original key so it locks. I got it from a nice lady who was moving to Texas and didn't want to take much with her. She wanted to be more mobile.
Yes that's a signed pic of Angela Landsbury above. When I was little I wanted to be Jessica Fletcher. I still do even though my mysteries have a supernatural element.
I'm sad I gave up my salon, but I'm lucky Z is giving me the space to do what I've always wanted. Life is a give and take.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Went to Nightfall!

Went to Nightfall at Old Tucson to celebrate our 8th anniversary and to kick off my new life as a full time writer! It was a blast! There were a lot of scary creatures wandering around and I think I was the loudest screamer there. My favorite was the demented carnival show with its big explosions and fake blood spraying almost into the crowd. I loved the flips they did I'm the death scenes.
In one of the haunted houses I backed right into a stranger woman and we both screamed so loud poor Z must have went deaf. Even my stick got in on the action! It was a great night!