Friday, September 27, 2013

I Got An Appointment

Today was my last day of training and my first day on the phone. We were also having a calling compitition. It was great! I got my first appointment and I won a round in the compitition! I kind of think the others let me win, but the appointment was all me. I feel great, but very tired. I can't wait for Monday!
I've prettied up my cubby hole! Matilda the shamrock likes it there too!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today Was Hilarious!

I picked out my cubicle today. It's so cute and I can't wait to personalize it a bit. It's not mine per say, but it is where I'll spend a lot of my time and it needs a little help. They even swapped out keyboards for me because I didn't like the one it came with. What can I say, I'm picky. ;)
I finally got to make calls today and it was fun and crazy. We were all in the conference room and the others went first to show me how it's done. The did a great job so when my turn came I thought it would be easy. After all I had practiced and researched so I knew my stuff. Hahahahahahahahaha
I started off strong and thought I was doing ok but then I would forget my script. Or someone behind me would say something and I'd pay attention to them instead and get a no. It was hilarious. I'm looking forward to doing it again tommorrow! 
My main problems were remembering where we were located and freezing up, and hearing talking behind me and freezing up. I also need a lot more practice on my script. 
Tommorrow we're having a competition to see who can make the most calls. I'll win because of all my hang ups! 
Here's a pic of my bare little cubby hole! Isn't it cute?

Today I Learn The Phones!

Today I get to learn the phones and I'm a bit worried. I've practiced a lot, but when I try to do it without the paper my brain goes blank. I'm also worried I'll sound to high pitched and little girly. When I practiced into my recorder I sounded like I was 10! I want to sound like an adult dang it! It'll be a lot of fun though and I'm excited to get started. Wish me luck please!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Training Day 2

Day 2 was just as educational as day 1. I'm learning so much and I really like the people there. If the Nasty Salon Lady ever calls me back I'm turning down that job!
When I got in there were donuts! The leader even likes the same type I do. Chocolate filled is the best! It's like I was meant to work there.
Yesterday we went over goals and what I hope to achieve with the company. I found out that I want a lot more than I've been aiming for so far in life. It was an eye opening experience. I agreed to come in 5 days a week through October so I could really get a handle on it. I like this place so much so far that I'm willing to let the house slide a bit and the photography take a back burner for now! My writing of course will stay on schedule. I really feel like I can grow here. It's definitely an adventure!
I really think I'll fit in at Helix House Internet Marketing Agency! So far I like it enough to link to it so that says a lot. I'm excited to see what I'm learning today and I can't wait to get on the phones and start making calls and getting accounts! Sadly that's not until next week.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My First Day Training Was Great!

Yesterday was my first day of training for the sales job and it was great! I got to pick the pizza toppings for lunch! The owner of the company came down from Phoenix to help out and meet me! Everyone in the office was super friendly! The cubicles are cute and if I can make it through the training I get one and can have a plant in it! Lying to clients is not allowed!!!! That last one is big because at CC salon the manager often lied to her clients and tried to make us do it too. She was after higher sales. What's funny is I had the highest tickets there and I never lied. 2 months after I left she was fired and 5 months after that they closed that location.
I learned a lot about how the business works and that I won't be an "employee" but an independent contractor. I'll have complete freedom to come and go as I want when the office is open. They encourage me to join clubs and things to meet more people, which will also help with my photography. They will do every thing they can to help me grow my client base. I'll have clients that I get to build relationships with and hopefully work with for a long time! That means more characters and experiences for me! I really hope I can complete the training successfully!
A part of me can't believe they're even thinking of taking me on. My background has very little sales and they are #1 in Arizona and one of the top in the country in internet marketing. I feel really glad I followed the little cartoon man to their site and took the chance on applying.
The only downsides are that it'll take about a month before I start making any money because I have to go out/ call and make clients. I can do it though! Also it's in one of the ugliest parts of town, so no great photo ops there and it's out of my bicycle range, but I can work on that.
*** (Shameless pre-self promotion!) If any of you have a business or know of anyone who has one and want to plump up your marketing and increase you prospective sales give me a week to finish training then let me know! (Shameless pre-self promotion!)
The future is shiny and colorful!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Yesterday Was Funny

Yesterday morning the Salon Lady called demanding to know why I hadn't come in on Saturday. The message I left her had said I was available and for her to call me, not that I was coming in. I explained that and she had me come in yesterday at noon.
When I got there and she was frantically trying to brush out the nastiest manikin in the world. She was going from the top down and using a brush! I tried not to laugh and took over from her. It really was nasty with pink foaming up with every sweep of my comb. Toward the top it turned into a nasty black foam. Ick! 
I did the cuts to the best of my ability as the head foamed with pink and purple dye that stained my hands and combs. The poor combs will never be the same again. It was also a bit slimy feeling. Whoever had colored the head hadn't done a good job of rinsing at all.
The last cut was a short men's cut and I didn't want that crap in my clippers so I did scissors over comb. It took me a bit longer than I would have liked and wasn't as clean on the bottom as it could be, but frankly I was grossed out by the salon. I had been looking around while I waited between cuts and it was gross. There was hair and color and dust everywhere.  
After each cut she looked it over and told me I did a good job and it looked fine. I hate that word, I prefer great. The last cut was the only one she could find real fault with and even that one got an it's ok, not bad but it could have been shorter. I tried not to roll my eyes and ended up taking a long blink. I wasn't happy with the cut either, but I love my clippers and did I mention the head was nasty?
Once I was all done I shocked her by wiping up the station I had used. The least I could do was leave it cleaner than when I got there.
That's when it really got icky. I went to wash my hands in the bathroom and get a broom to sweep up my mess. I think my gasp was heard by everyone in the shopping center. Between the bathroom and the washer was a giant pile of hair just sitting on the floor. It was huge! At least 6 inches high and 3 feet wide huge. At least a weeks worth just hanging out for any client to see on the way to the loo. Totally disgusting. I swear at first I thought it was an animal for a second and took a step back.
I inched around the mass and into the bathroom. Like the rest of the salon it could use a good scrubbing and I decided to wash my hands in a shampoo bowl instead. The shampoo bowl had color on it's knob and hair in its trap so I went back into the bathroom and used a paper towel to turn on the tap. Yes it was so icky looking that I didn't want to touch it with my slimy and stained hands. How can they pee in there? That is what crossed my mind. The Walmart bathroom in Nogales was cleaner.
I grabbed a broom and swept my pile up and that's when I noticed they didn't have any trash cans. The only one I saw was the over flowing one in the bathroom. Sadly, I added my colorful addition to the Hair Beast and went to talk to the Lady.
She was distracted and busy writing up the shops order for lunch, but she did say she had other interviews to do and would let me know soon if I got the job.
Frankly, if the one I'll be working at is anything like this salon she can keep the job and need to spend the money on housekeeping and trash cans. Some professionalism courses for her wouldn't hurt either. While I was there, in front of clients and me she discussed things with her stylists that should have been handled privately. Blech! Although, if she does offer it I'll probably take it anyway so I can make fast money. Tips are great.
Thank goodness I start training for the sales job today!
At least I didn't see one of these!

Friday, September 20, 2013

More Interview Adventures

Since the lady for the salon job, who didn't show, hadn't called me back to reschedule I took another interview yesterday. This one was for a pure commission phone sales job. The man who interviewed me was surprised I'd even applied due to my resume being all hair and photos, but he was willing to meet with me. I didn't have the nerve to tell him I'd applied because I liked the cute videos on the company website.
Getting to the interview was a real adventure. It was in a part of town I thought I knew well, but due to construction I couldn't figure out how to get into the proper parking lot. After driving around side streets for awhile I pulled into a Denny's about 2 blocks away and walked. I found the right building, but I had written the suite number wrong so I got to wander around there for a while until I found it. I'm glad I left early because I arrived right on time.
Right after hello and a handshake he offered me water, I know my face was all red and sweaty from the walk, but I hadn't had time to scout for a bathroom to tidy up once I found the place. I was very grateful for the water and probably shocked him when I chugged it down. He was polite though and didn't stare.
I really liked him right off the bat, and the interview went well on my side.
The job will involve cold-calling businesses and selling them SEO, website building, and other assorted useful things. It's not something I'd ever thought of doing, but it sounds interesting and I could learn a new skill set. The hours are flexible and I can work from home most days if I want (although he did say he'd never heard of anyone having success doing it) or I'll have a little cubicle of my own there. I hope I can decorate it.
The more clients I get and services I sell the more I get paid. Sounds like what I do now plus I can keep doing what I'm doing now. I can even take this job on vacation with me if I want. I start training on Monday and it's a week long course, no pay but there is free pizza. I hope I pass the training portion!
An added bonus is the dress code is business casual with no color restrictions! I'll be able to wear something other than black, grey or white (the colors allowed at the salon I applied for). I can actually wear whatever I want, but if I have to meet clients I want to look professionalish. That is a big plus in my book, I love color!
Not bad for a rebound interview. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Pointless Trip

I got up nice and early today so I could get everything done before I had to go to my interview. My husband even found my SS card for me so I was ready for anything. Once all my chores were done I got dressed. I even put on makeup and did my hair.
I was lucky enough to have my mother in law give me a ride so I didn't have to stress about the driving, this interview was to be held all the way across town. I don't like driving very far, I'm always a hyper-vigilant loony behind the wheel. My doctor won't even see me if I've driven because it raises my blood pressure to much.
We arrived about 20 min early so I waited a bit to go in. I didn't want to seem to eager and scare her with my excitement. I can be hyper at times.
I walked in the door feeling great, I knew I could do the cuts and I was ready to show my stuff.
The stylist who was on the floor greeted me nicely, but she was busy so I waited for her to finish up. It didn't take long.
I told her why I was there.
It turns out my interviewer had called out sick today. She actually texted it and no one thought to call me. So to be informed I spent the next 20 or so minutes learning all I could about the corporation while we waited for her to call us back. She never did. She still hasn't called me, but I'm sure she'll call me tomorrow.
I left a message for her telling her I was available on Saturday and left. Not an auspicious beginning, but it can only go uphill from here.
I hate wait and see!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Interview Is Postponed

One of the stylists got injured and so my interviewer had to reschedule. I now get to go in tomorrow and blow her away with my skills. It's ok though, it gives me time to find my SS card that isn't where it should be. Plus I'll have a new Scooby Doo cartoon to watch in celebration!

I will find the rainbow!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Job Hunting Is...

I'm looking for a part time job to add to my insanity.
The place my husband works is laying off people and he's worried that his job could go at any time. It's not a good feeling at all. Just when things were going so well and the house was actually company ready. He He He! I really hope he doesn't lose his job, he really likes it and is great at it. Plus I like food and shelter.
I make a bit from my art and now my photos, but it won't be enough if the worst happens. Everything I get from a job will go to pay ahead on bills and straight into savings. I hope it'll be enough.
Geronimo! I'm going in!
I have an technical interview for a stylist job tomorrow. I have to do 3 technical cuts in under an hour. I have faith that I can do it, but it doesn't stop me from being a bit nervous. If I get the job it's an easy 3 mile bike ride from my house. Remember when I could barely go a mile? I haven't been riding much due to the heat, but this will get me off my butt!
 The trip home takes me right through one of my favorite parks to take pictures at. I could do portraits after my shift was up and it would be perfect. I can also get to the zoo from there for exotic animal shots if I want. I really hope I get this job.
My writing schedule will have to go back to my lunch break and after dark, but that was when I did it for years so no big deal. Speaking of writing, due to their busy schedule I won't find out if any of my shorts have been accepted until November. BLAH! Patience is not my virtue. I do have a few articles almost done to send out. I hope something sticks, I'm tired of the bounce backs already.
It's been fun being a house wife, even if I was busy doing everything but the house most of the time. I'm really going to miss being my own boss, but I can make it work. After all I'm Super Betty!
Wish me luck!
The path takes another turn.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Saturday Was A Learning Experience... And A Ton Of Fun!

Last Saturday I went to Petsmart to take photos for shelters there. I thought there would be 3 shelters and it would be a great way to spend a few hours. Turned out there were 6 shelters and it was a great way to spend the day.
I arrived way early, I got there at 8:00 am and the only one there was the volunteer who cleans the kennels and gets thing ready for the cats. The first shelter on my list was a combo of Wskr and Tucson2Tails, a couple of cat rescues.  She was great though and in short order a few more volunteers came. I stayed out of the way and got some great patience practice for a couple of hours while they set up. Then it was fairly smooth sailing with the volunteers helping to coral the cats.
Now I know to come later in the day, it all worked out great in the end and I got some great shots that I hope they can use!
He had so much energy! I got this shot while they were tiring him out for his photo shoot.

A bit shy, but really liked her ears scratched.

My favorite of the day. He was the most mellow cat and super sweet!

The second shelter that was kind enough to let me bother them was In The Arms Of Angels. They have some really friendly dogs and cats that need good homes. They were super helpful and a lot of fun to work with. They were great!
Very calm for a puppy

Had to watch this one, it wanted kisses!

He wanted loving so bad!

Third up was Smiling Dog Rescue. They had all sizes and were very friendly. Their dogs were well behaved and friendly. It was fun to shoot them! I love how expressive they were!
He was a handsome fellow!

Such soulful eyes!

He would be a loyal companion!

The fourth was Saving At Risk Animals. It's a cat rescue and had some of the cutest kittens. I really enjoyed talking to the volunteers and trying to herd cats with them.
She was a winker and a cuddlier. 

She wanted her treats.

 A little wiggler. Tons of energy!

The final two were grouped together like the first two and they seem to help each other. They are Save A Chihuahua and ASAP Rescue. They both rescue small dogs and it was quite pleasant to work with their volunteers to get the animals photos taken. 
A real sweetie!

I love her ears!

He's like a little teddy bear!

All in all it was a great Saturday and I'm going to do it once a month or so. The people were friendly and I got the satisfaction of a good days work. I learned a lot doing it, (definitely need to eat first) and it was a lot of fun. I really loved taking these photos and I hope they help!
That was GREAT!!!!