Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My First Day Training Was Great!

Yesterday was my first day of training for the sales job and it was great! I got to pick the pizza toppings for lunch! The owner of the company came down from Phoenix to help out and meet me! Everyone in the office was super friendly! The cubicles are cute and if I can make it through the training I get one and can have a plant in it! Lying to clients is not allowed!!!! That last one is big because at CC salon the manager often lied to her clients and tried to make us do it too. She was after higher sales. What's funny is I had the highest tickets there and I never lied. 2 months after I left she was fired and 5 months after that they closed that location.
I learned a lot about how the business works and that I won't be an "employee" but an independent contractor. I'll have complete freedom to come and go as I want when the office is open. They encourage me to join clubs and things to meet more people, which will also help with my photography. They will do every thing they can to help me grow my client base. I'll have clients that I get to build relationships with and hopefully work with for a long time! That means more characters and experiences for me! I really hope I can complete the training successfully!
A part of me can't believe they're even thinking of taking me on. My background has very little sales and they are #1 in Arizona and one of the top in the country in internet marketing. I feel really glad I followed the little cartoon man to their site and took the chance on applying.
The only downsides are that it'll take about a month before I start making any money because I have to go out/ call and make clients. I can do it though! Also it's in one of the ugliest parts of town, so no great photo ops there and it's out of my bicycle range, but I can work on that.
*** (Shameless pre-self promotion!) If any of you have a business or know of anyone who has one and want to plump up your marketing and increase you prospective sales give me a week to finish training then let me know! (Shameless pre-self promotion!)
The future is shiny and colorful!


  1. Sounds like a nice flexible position with a fun group of people! No lying. I like that!

  2. How wonderful. And I would take your camera along to the 'ugly side' of town. Some unexpected beauty could well leap out at you.

  3. So great! Glad for You:-)

    Aloha from Honolulu

  4. Sounds like a great opportunity. Good luck to you! And there's nothing wrong with promoting yourself. You have to get some business, no?

  5. It is a great opportunity and once I'm done with training I'll definitely be bringing along my camera. Right now there's no room in my bag because I have a big text book to study and tons of handouts to go through. It's totally fun though!