Monday, September 23, 2013

Yesterday Was Funny

Yesterday morning the Salon Lady called demanding to know why I hadn't come in on Saturday. The message I left her had said I was available and for her to call me, not that I was coming in. I explained that and she had me come in yesterday at noon.
When I got there and she was frantically trying to brush out the nastiest manikin in the world. She was going from the top down and using a brush! I tried not to laugh and took over from her. It really was nasty with pink foaming up with every sweep of my comb. Toward the top it turned into a nasty black foam. Ick! 
I did the cuts to the best of my ability as the head foamed with pink and purple dye that stained my hands and combs. The poor combs will never be the same again. It was also a bit slimy feeling. Whoever had colored the head hadn't done a good job of rinsing at all.
The last cut was a short men's cut and I didn't want that crap in my clippers so I did scissors over comb. It took me a bit longer than I would have liked and wasn't as clean on the bottom as it could be, but frankly I was grossed out by the salon. I had been looking around while I waited between cuts and it was gross. There was hair and color and dust everywhere.  
After each cut she looked it over and told me I did a good job and it looked fine. I hate that word, I prefer great. The last cut was the only one she could find real fault with and even that one got an it's ok, not bad but it could have been shorter. I tried not to roll my eyes and ended up taking a long blink. I wasn't happy with the cut either, but I love my clippers and did I mention the head was nasty?
Once I was all done I shocked her by wiping up the station I had used. The least I could do was leave it cleaner than when I got there.
That's when it really got icky. I went to wash my hands in the bathroom and get a broom to sweep up my mess. I think my gasp was heard by everyone in the shopping center. Between the bathroom and the washer was a giant pile of hair just sitting on the floor. It was huge! At least 6 inches high and 3 feet wide huge. At least a weeks worth just hanging out for any client to see on the way to the loo. Totally disgusting. I swear at first I thought it was an animal for a second and took a step back.
I inched around the mass and into the bathroom. Like the rest of the salon it could use a good scrubbing and I decided to wash my hands in a shampoo bowl instead. The shampoo bowl had color on it's knob and hair in its trap so I went back into the bathroom and used a paper towel to turn on the tap. Yes it was so icky looking that I didn't want to touch it with my slimy and stained hands. How can they pee in there? That is what crossed my mind. The Walmart bathroom in Nogales was cleaner.
I grabbed a broom and swept my pile up and that's when I noticed they didn't have any trash cans. The only one I saw was the over flowing one in the bathroom. Sadly, I added my colorful addition to the Hair Beast and went to talk to the Lady.
She was distracted and busy writing up the shops order for lunch, but she did say she had other interviews to do and would let me know soon if I got the job.
Frankly, if the one I'll be working at is anything like this salon she can keep the job and need to spend the money on housekeeping and trash cans. Some professionalism courses for her wouldn't hurt either. While I was there, in front of clients and me she discussed things with her stylists that should have been handled privately. Blech! Although, if she does offer it I'll probably take it anyway so I can make fast money. Tips are great.
Thank goodness I start training for the sales job today!
At least I didn't see one of these!


  1. Eeeuw. That doesn't sound like a salon I would be happy visiting - let alone working in it all day. I hope her other salon is much, much cleaner. And more professional.

  2. Doesn't sound like a very organized place. Cleanliness is so important in these businesses. Frankly, if I was in a place that didn't look clean, I wouldn't go back!

  3. I'm just glad I didn't cut myself. I hate tetanus shots!