Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Pointless Trip

I got up nice and early today so I could get everything done before I had to go to my interview. My husband even found my SS card for me so I was ready for anything. Once all my chores were done I got dressed. I even put on makeup and did my hair.
I was lucky enough to have my mother in law give me a ride so I didn't have to stress about the driving, this interview was to be held all the way across town. I don't like driving very far, I'm always a hyper-vigilant loony behind the wheel. My doctor won't even see me if I've driven because it raises my blood pressure to much.
We arrived about 20 min early so I waited a bit to go in. I didn't want to seem to eager and scare her with my excitement. I can be hyper at times.
I walked in the door feeling great, I knew I could do the cuts and I was ready to show my stuff.
The stylist who was on the floor greeted me nicely, but she was busy so I waited for her to finish up. It didn't take long.
I told her why I was there.
It turns out my interviewer had called out sick today. She actually texted it and no one thought to call me. So to be informed I spent the next 20 or so minutes learning all I could about the corporation while we waited for her to call us back. She never did. She still hasn't called me, but I'm sure she'll call me tomorrow.
I left a message for her telling her I was available on Saturday and left. Not an auspicious beginning, but it can only go uphill from here.
I hate wait and see!