Friday, September 20, 2013

More Interview Adventures

Since the lady for the salon job, who didn't show, hadn't called me back to reschedule I took another interview yesterday. This one was for a pure commission phone sales job. The man who interviewed me was surprised I'd even applied due to my resume being all hair and photos, but he was willing to meet with me. I didn't have the nerve to tell him I'd applied because I liked the cute videos on the company website.
Getting to the interview was a real adventure. It was in a part of town I thought I knew well, but due to construction I couldn't figure out how to get into the proper parking lot. After driving around side streets for awhile I pulled into a Denny's about 2 blocks away and walked. I found the right building, but I had written the suite number wrong so I got to wander around there for a while until I found it. I'm glad I left early because I arrived right on time.
Right after hello and a handshake he offered me water, I know my face was all red and sweaty from the walk, but I hadn't had time to scout for a bathroom to tidy up once I found the place. I was very grateful for the water and probably shocked him when I chugged it down. He was polite though and didn't stare.
I really liked him right off the bat, and the interview went well on my side.
The job will involve cold-calling businesses and selling them SEO, website building, and other assorted useful things. It's not something I'd ever thought of doing, but it sounds interesting and I could learn a new skill set. The hours are flexible and I can work from home most days if I want (although he did say he'd never heard of anyone having success doing it) or I'll have a little cubicle of my own there. I hope I can decorate it.
The more clients I get and services I sell the more I get paid. Sounds like what I do now plus I can keep doing what I'm doing now. I can even take this job on vacation with me if I want. I start training on Monday and it's a week long course, no pay but there is free pizza. I hope I pass the training portion!
An added bonus is the dress code is business casual with no color restrictions! I'll be able to wear something other than black, grey or white (the colors allowed at the salon I applied for). I can actually wear whatever I want, but if I have to meet clients I want to look professionalish. That is a big plus in my book, I love color!
Not bad for a rebound interview. Wish me luck!