Monday, September 21, 2015

Actively searching elsewhere now

It's been almost a week since I applied for more positions at the hospital and I haven't heard anything yet. Since that's where I really want to be I gave them all the time I could, but times up. I still have hope (it just won't die!), but maybe that's not going to happen for me at this time in my life. I'm still obsessively checking my job page there for any changes though.
I'm researching other places to work more thoroughly and have started applying. I'm pacing myself to about 4 a day so the number grows steadily until A: I run out of places in a 10 mile radius; or B: I get a job. There are a ton of places here if I'm not to picky.
In the meantime, my dear husband and I have decided to take up yoga and got some disks for clearance to try out. I'm not very good at it yet, but it's only been about 6 days and I'm already noticing an improvement in my flexibility. Even my knee seems happier now.
I feel great when I do it and it lasts almost the whole day. Plus, the scenery they have in the background helps to pull me out of the tiny world I live in. I'm trying to do it for 3 days then take a day off, that way I don't over do and it seems to be working for me.
The little grasshopper is still here and I've named it Jimmy. I've found out that it's not full grown and will probably stay until it is. Today it's been raining all day and the little thing really seems to be loving it.
Jimmy likes the rain.

The chooks don't like the rain very much and every time I go check on them they are hanging out in their house.

Is it dry yet?

However they all come out to eat from my hand, well almost all of them.

Snack time run.

They gather eagerly under the overhang while I scoop some out, then they peck my hand empty before going back inside.

It is snack time!

All of them except Kate, who's normally the friendliest. I wonder if she's put off by the big, blue laundry basket on my head (I can't find my umbrella).

She's having none of this nonsense!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I didn't get the position.

Sadly, I didn't get the position I applied for at the hospital. I really liked the person who interviewed me and I'm sure he just found someone with better qualifications than me. So, after finding out that I didn't get my first pick of spots I consoled myself with pizza and ice cream while making a new plan. Next time I'll play it cool and pretend I'm not super excited. I'm just grateful I found out so fast and can try again.
This morning I applied for the 4 positions the hospital has that I'm even remotely qualified for. I hope I get one! I really want the hospital because it offers the best benefits and will work with my schooling when I go back for the nursing degree. It's also where I worked for most of my life and I want to go home.
If I don't I will be applying to long term care and rehab facilities. I'm sure I would be happy with one of them, but I'm a stubborn little booger. If I don't try I can't succeed, right?
Now the waiting is on and I have cold pizza to munch for lunch!
Wish me luck please!
Bombs away!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I interviewed at the hospital!!

Yesterday I had an interview at the hospital and I think it went well. I was a bit nervous when I got there because I want this position sooooo badly. I was probably a bit hyper seeming when we started, but I was just so excited to be there.
 I answered his questions honestly and tried to stress the facts that I'm flexible, friendly, and dependable. I let him know that I would happily work any shift and the holidays and I look forward to overtime. I hope the fact that I've worked in the building before will be a plus now that they are a different company.
I really liked the man who interviewed me, he was friendly and very informative about what to expect if I got the job. It sounds like the new company is all about the patient which is what I want too.  I really feel like this is the place for me.
The problem was that he had answered my questions so well while we were talking that when he asked if I had any questions I just stared at him like an idiot. My mind went blank and I froze. It had been going so well until then. (Smack self in head!)
We wrapped up the interview and he said he had more interviews this week, but I should know sometime next week if I got the position. I really hope I get it! I know there are other ones in the hospital, but I applied for this one because I think I could learn a lot from it. Wish me luck!

On a side note, this little grasshopper has been hanging out on my rose bush for the last 3 days and I think it's adorable! It's a beautiful florescent green. and goes well with my bush.
He's cute!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I got my number!!!!!

I got my CNA number today!!!! I applied where I want to work immediately then realized that Monday is a holiday and I may not hear anything until Tuesday or Wednesday at the soonest. It's ok though because I'm back in the running!!!! Yay!!!!
I hated the waiting and I'm glad it's over now. On to the next adventure in life, this time with a paycheck!!!!
I hung in there!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

They are so cute!

I can't believe it's been a week now. I'm still just as fascinated by my chooks as the day we brought them home. Actually, I think I'm more fascinated with them now. They have grown so much in just the past week, Bessie is almost as tall as my knee and they are starting to peep less and bock more.
They even talk to me when I'm with them, I just wish I knew what they were saying.

Bathing beauties. (Ms. Fisher in front, Alexis in back)

They are making themselves at home and that makes my heart glad. They like to rearrange their bedding after I clean and fluff it everyday. They seem to have a schedule worked out, I get chirped at if I'm late in the morning and they have enforced nap time at around 1100 every morning. Kate calls them to roost and Ms. Fisher rounds up any stragglers.

Get on the perch! (Clockwise from top left: Kate, Dot, Bessie, Fisher, Alexis)

All 5 of them will eat out of my hand and Kate (the gray one) will follow me around as I tidy up until I sit down with her snack. It's funny to see her avoid me and chase me at the same time. Earlier today she was pecking at something and I touched her to shoo her away and she didn't even flinch. Maybe she will let me pet her soon.

Got snacks? ( Kate facing you.)
Life is good here with the chickens. Now I'm off to study them some more!