Friday, January 3, 2014

I hope you had a GREAT holiday season!

Sorry I skipped a ton of time here! I looked up on New Years Day and went oops! I now have an alarm set to go off on Wednesdays to remind me to post here and on a new blog I just started today Betty's Tarot. I just posted the first one over there and I plan to post to both every week. It's going to be the companion blog to my website We should have that up and running fully in a couple of days. I never would have guessed how much fun it was to build! I plan to sell card readings there and eventually (once I make more) some of my jewelry. I came up with this idea because I want to make money doing something I love that will actually help people. Something that doesn't involve healthcare.
My sales job is going good, I've have 8 clients and I really like them. I've learned a lot and really love being in sales.  I'm looking forward to getting even more clients this year, but it doesn't pay the bills yet and it won't for a while. I'm probably a bit too picky about who I'll take on, but I don't want to work with butt heads. I had enough of that when I worked as a stylist for CC. I'm still painting and attempting to draw, but I've only sold 4 paintings and I need to clean out my closet before the canvases eat me!
This will be an exciting new adventure in familiar territory for me! If you want to join me please do, and if you don't that's fine too. I plan to keep this blog for my personal life and work stuff.

This is what happens when you forget the milk in the batter. 
I got this great cupcake maker for Christmas. It came with recipes to make my own Hostess Cupcakes! I tried to use it and the first batch bubbled out like swamp slime. They still tasted great though! How did you Christmases go?

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