Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Update on the fish and plants.

I was knocked out of commission for over 2 weeks by the worst cold or flu ever. It was so bad that all I did was watch TV and crochet until I fell asleep. I even lost about 10lbs while not moving more than it took to go to the restroom and back to bed. I'm now the proud owner of 26 snoods and will have to get a picture of them up soon.
In the meantime here are more pics of the lettuce and tomatoes. The lettuce are actually starting to form lettuce like leaves now and the tomatoes seem to have shrunk in height since we lowered the light.
Lettuce with actual lettuce type leaves!

Tomatoes look shorter to me.
Also here's an update on the tailless ciclid fish. His tail is growing back and I've named him Shaggy. He's really friendly and wants treats every time I walk past his tank. He can also count and knows when I short him a pellet. I feed him twice a day with five pellets and he gets agitated if I only drop in four. Such a smart little guy!

You can just see his tail growing back.

It's about and 8th of an inch long now.


  1. Hope you are feeling better now.
    The plants are looking good - guess the tomatoes don't feel the need to reach for the light now.
    And a smart fish? Wow. We are about to get some for the pond in our garden, I will be watching for smart behaviour from them too!

    1. Thanks! All I do is feed him at the same times to start. Then he begs.

  2. All the best and a quick full recovery!
    That story about your pet fish really amazed me. I knew there were some fish which are able to count but I wasn't aware that it's a more common phenomenon. I wished my guinea pigs could memorize their usual feeding times (and quantities) so they wouldn't freak out everytime I pass their cage :)

  3. Thanks! Maybe they want petting instead of food? :)