Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween was Great!

I hope every ones Halloween was fun. I got to go trick or treating with 7 wonderful young people.  My niece and nephews, a couple of their friends and my brother and sister in law. There were 5 adults so everyone was covered. I love trick or treating! 
Then I got to go to Nightfall with the in-laws! That was fun and the comedy act was great! It was a wonderful night and I can't wait for next year. 
I also finished my short story finally and I just need the cover done. Then I will be published!!!! I'm really proud of myself for it! I haven't been posting much because I had to make my deadline. 
I ran 5k in my house today and felt great after. My knee isn't bothering me much lately. I'm grateful for that. I can't wait until I can go for more than a minute in the real world without pain. That will rock!
Sadly when I went to update my phone this morning it killed it so I lost all the pictures on it from last night. On the plus side I had emailed some to my mother-in-law so I still had those. Yes I cried at the loss, but oh well. More storage space. 
Here are a few that were saved. 
They were great!

Spooky house!

Blurry fun

Boy am I glad to have these!
Have fun!

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