Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lucy Will Be Retiring Soon


I've been searching for a new bike this past month. It's been getting harder to swing my leg over Lucy for a while now. It's the full extension at the top of the movement that hurts and if I snap it I feel it. Plus there's the fact that I can only start and stop at a curb or a step or else she gives me a wedgie. Her 17" frame has always been to large for me, but I love her so much.
Since I got my sales job I've only been riding her very sporadically (about once or twice a month) and that laziness definitely adds to the problems when I do mount up. Once we get going though the world is our oyster and I am the pearl. At least until the next stop sign or light. The problems are all me not her. I'm just finally accepting that I need a different kind of bike. It only took me several years.
I'm not sure what to do with her yet. I will be putting her baskets and rack on the new bike when I get it. The fenders will stay on her though.
 I thought about giving her to my sister in law. She loves riding the bike we fixed up for her mom and Lucy would fit her. I just hate the thought of her sitting outside all the time collecting rust and not being cleaned regularly. Lucy loves her bathes. I thought about selling her, but I hate not knowing what happens to her. Yes I have attachment issues, and she's been nothing but loyal to me. I'll probably keep her in the shed wrapped in a sheet until I can figure it out.
She started out as a junk bike that I could park outside while at school and has become a dear and trusted steed. If you know of anyone who would give her the best home let me know.


  1. Ah that is sweet. Hope you find her a good home!

  2. Thanks! If I can't I'll keep her.

  3. So sad to have to relinquish an old friend. And yes, it sounds as if keeping her (for a while at least) is on the cards.