Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Introducing Sylvia

Introducing my new bike! I got her late last month and so far we've been having a ton of fun together. She's a shiny red Linus Dutchi 3 in the small size. The shop I found her at had only just opened in January; I got totally lucky! It's a great little shop called Transit Cycles owned by a wonderful man named Duncan. He was great about switching out the leather grips she came with for cork ones and trading the rear rack she came with for a front one.  I didn't like the feel of the plasticky leather and the rear rack I had on Lucy can carry a lot more than the stock one. I'm really grateful that he was willing to make the changes for me! He even swapped out the brown seat for a black one so it would match. 

On Saturday we get to go in for a check up and I feel a little guilty, but I'm getting a Brooks B67 S saddle for her. So far we've only gone on short rides, but I can't seem to get comfortable on this one. I tried the Terry saddle I had and it was awful. The more upright positioning made it rub in all the wrong places if you know what I mean. Then I tried a Forte saddle that was for upright bikes. It felt like it was punching my bum with every bump. That was FUN! So I put the original saddle back on. I just hope the Brooks works for me.
The only other adjustment I've made so far is the kickstand. The one she came with was too short and felt flimsy. Conan my big kitty rubbed against the bike and she went crashing down. Now I get to find touch up paint, but thankfully no one else was injured. Who knew a 16 year old cat could move that fast. She now has the sturdy kickstand off Lucy and the cats love rubbing on her tires when I get home. 
I also got a new helmet to replace the one I cracked when I fell over on Lucy. 

So far I've been having to much fun riding her and she is my excuse for not blogging like I should. ;)

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  1. She looks like a heap of fun.
    And yes, a cat can move liked greased lightening when, and only when, it wants to.