Friday, March 28, 2014

Got the new pedals and my mirror installed!

My new pedals arrived yesterday and I had to try them out. They aren't as pretty as the originals, but I think they look good. I really like how they are curved instead of straight. The important thing is that they are really grippy and that was the goal. My only complaint is that they smell really strongly of rubber, it's like a giant tire is in the house. Thankfully the smell should fade soon.

After the pipe fiasco we went to Ajo bikes. I needed a piece so my rear view mirror could be mounted. They are my favorite bike shop, you can always find random small parts that no one else has. Thankfully they had the part and I also got the tiniest patch kit for my hidden bag. Now I can fit even more in there! Yay!


  1. Well, sometimes we have to skimp on "pretty" and go with functional. Those pedals do look nice and grippy. Ajo Bikes looks like a nice shop. Great that your area is so bike friendly :)

  2. I really am lucky, it's getting better here all the time.