Monday, March 24, 2014

Brooks first impressions and Lucy finds a home

I got my new saddle on and tried it out yesterday. It was a series of short rides while we adjusted it. All together they added up to just over 3 miles.
It looks so shiny and new! I'll fix that.

First impression is it's slick. My butt slid around like it was greased and the first ride it was pointed way to far down so I kept actually sliding off. It was a riot, but not very usable. 
The second ride we pointed it too high and it was actually painful due to a boo boo inflicted by the original saddle. I went home fast while learning how to pedal out of the seat.

I love the little strap holders!
On the third ride we almost had it right and I must say it was way more comfortable than I expected. It was still tilted up to much, but it really felt good.
The fourth ride was the best so far. The saddle is firm yet bouncy and I like it way more than the soft and pinchy one that came on Sylvia. I was worried because of all the horror stories I've read about Brooks saddles being uncomfortable for the first several hundred miles. So far I like it a lot. The only problem I have is how slick it is, but that will wear off with use. If it doesn't I've got sandpaper. I like how it feels solid under me and how the springs give on bumps. I love how the sides give way for my thighs, hopefully I can keep the skin there now and my pants will last longer! I'm really looking forward to riding again tomorrow.

While out looking for a piece for my mirror I ran into my brother and his family. They were looking for a bike for my sister-in-law Dana. I invited them to come see if Lucy will fit. Dana is taller than me so I had hopes.
It was love at first ride! The fit together really well and she even liked the paint job. I'm super happy that Lucy has a new home with someone who will actually use her and keep her safe in a garage. I will admit I was a bit jealous seeing how easily they fit, but I can't wait to hear about their adventures together.
Dana and Lucy, perfect for each other!


  1. Love that Lucy has found a home, and a friend.

  2. Hey Betty, just stopped by to catch up. Glad you're back to regular blogging!

    Sylvia is BEAUTIFUL! I love the look and utility of city bikes, but they just aren't practical for where I live and all the hills. But I hope to have one someday and just cruise around town. And I fully understand you're worrying about a home for Lucy. I recently sold a bicycle too. Great that she's going to Dana!

  3. Thanks! I'm glad Lucy found a good home and she is getting used.
    Abby, The Linus comes in an 8 speed if that helps. I have some hills here and she takes them like a champ. A champ going 4 mph though.