Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Had fun getting lost today.

I decided to try to figure out how to get to an appointment I will have by bicycle. I even downloaded a map. It was going well and I was just cruising along, The main road was right next to me and I thought I knew where I was going. There was a split in the path and the map said "Slight left to stay on path" so I took the left side. I probably shouldn't have made that turn.

Right before the split. 

Suddenly I was in the desert!  It was great for about 2 miles, then it came to an intersection I know is way off course. So I turned around and headed back home.

A desert in the middle of town! 

On the way home I was startled by another cyclist who wanted a "bike five". I didn't understand what she wanted until it was to late. Sorry nice cyclist, I had my head in the clouds. I'll try to be ready when we meet again!
I'm going to try that route again after I get my new seat, it looked like it might wind through even more desert! I'll definitely take tons of water!
Tomorrow I get to ride to a different appointment, but I know exactly where that one is. Maybe I can get lost on the way home though.

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