Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Great Birthday Weekend! Day One.

For my birthday my husband and I went on a mini tour of southeastern Arizona. I took over a thousand photos, but I won't make you look at them all. :)
We went to Tombstone and of course Boot Hill Cemetery.
Most of the grave markers are white boards with black markings. Very few originals exist anymore.
The best of the bunch. I wonder what was broken off it. 

I was a little disappointed by how tidy the cemetery was, but the buildings in Tombstone were beautiful.
This is the Courthouse.

I love the old brick work.
I like the rounded front wall.

I got to pet the donkeys!

They had a bee swarm on the main street. Once they settled down they did this.

A storm was building as we left Tombstone.

Birthday dinner at The Lodge in Sierra Vista.

I loved the bigfoot statues, but I think the foreheads are too big.


  1. What fun! That is a wonderful way to spend a birthday. That bee swarm is incredible.

  2. Happy Birthday! Nice start to your weekend too!

  3. It was a great place to eat. The food was good and not super pricey. I'd definitely eat there again.