Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Birthday Weekend Day 2, Part 1!

Woke up on Saturday in a hotel room in Sierra Vista and it felt strange. No one was yelling at the door to be fed and no one tripped me on the way to the potty. I even slept in until 6! After breakfast we got our gear for the day and headed out.

Saw this beauty on the wall right outside the door. 

I turned around and saw a hawk eating something on a post. It saw me and flew off carrying its prize. I barely got the pic!

We had a full day planned and the first stop was Ramsey Canyon. It's famous among bird watchers for its hummingbirds. I didn't see any, but there were a ton of lizards and really neat trees. It was a long hike for me, but I had my trusty stick and never fell! If you're ever in the area I'd definitely recommend going. I want to go back when it's cooler.
There was about 6 people in our guided group. Our guides were great and I learned a lot from them.

This robin is pulling up grass to make a nest.

Huge spiny lizard that had no fear.

There looks like a lot of trees but the path is clear.

Little frog taking a nap. It ate the spiders dinner.

A nice old cabin from the 1920's. We weren't allowed to go in. The guide said that the original family still has reunions there every few years. some of them are in their 90's and remember living in the cabin. I want to be there for that and learn their

This is the family's original cabin. It was built around 1908 and they quickly outgrew it. I wasn't allowed in there either. I'd love to live there in the quiet. I even had cell service so it would be perfect.

This guy is the size of the palm of my hand and looks like he's made of metal. He moves fast though.

He likes his picture taken. He came back when we backed up.

Ear shaped formation.

Baby got back!

I don't think you can ever escape cactus completely in AZ.

After about 3 hours I was done and we headed back to the car. On the way there we saw this beauty. It's as soft as it looks and as long as my palm. I can't find a match on the net, but I'll keep looking. I only petted the head with the tip of my pinkie. It didn't seem to mind and didn't even move. I got to pet something!

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  1. Great images! There is always so much to see and photography outdoors.