Monday, July 8, 2013

Some Fun New Pics

I'm still having fun messing around with my camera, and I just sent my second short story off! I hope it gets chosen! I hope you enjoy the pics!
Bubbles are fun!

My favorite so far of azaleas.

The hummingbirds love this plant. Wish I knew its name.

Tasted as good as it looked!

More practice for etsy pics. Jane loved the blueberries too.

Herman chilling out.

He loves to pose for me in the mornings.

From our last outing.

Giant Palo Verde beetle. She didn't like her picture taken.

Purple prickly pear cactus. 


  1. Lizards do like to pose, don't they? I got some great ones when I was in Malta.

    Love the mountain shot...

  2. These are such wonderful images! Yes, bubbles are fun. And Herman is adorable!

  3. Wonderful photos, wow! I'm really itching for a new camera now.