Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Waiting for the storm

I'm working from home today due to the storm warnings about Hurricane Odile causing flash floods. I live in Tucson, the desert. Last Monday was a crazy rain day and this one is supposed to be even worse. So far it's just been drizzling steadily, but I'm not driving in it. What scares me is that the flash flood warning is through tomorrow evening. I've never heard of one so long here.
I went outside for a walk/run in the real world again this morning. I had wanted to do it yesterday, but it was raining yesterday morning. I'm on week 2 of Zombies, Run 5K and I'm loving it. If you join look me up; my screen name is Eibhir. Betty was taken.
For week 2 I get to run for 30 seconds in a row. I did fine in my living room yesterday, but that's about 10' one way then turn around. In the real world after the first 20 seconds my knee was twinging so I went back to walking. I also seem to be faster in my living room than in the real world, I would have figured the turning would slow me down. It was great, I started before the sun was out and as I rounded toward home I saw this pretty little flower.

Pretty purple flower.

I love the photos my new phone takes!
The other day the husband and I rescued some beetle larvae and I thought you might like to see them.  His dad had cut down their tree and they needed a new home. They are cool and dry to the touch. Also a bit squishy feeling and their little legs are very pointy. They were released near a palo verde tree. I hope they like it there.
Palo Verde Beetle Larvae

My aquaponics are still going strong. Well the tomatoes are, all the lettuce was crowded out by them. we put a plastic sheet around them to keep the cooler off. They are big, but no fruit yet.
Tomato plants
They roasted pepper seeds are also doing well. For something that was cooked they seem pretty hardy. If you look closely they even have small flower buds forming. I can't wait to see what kind of peppers they are, they bag just said roasted peppers on it.
Roasted peppers thriving.
I hope you all have a great day and try to stay dry. I want the storm to get here already!
Have Fun!

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