Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Restart of Zombies, Run 5 k

I'm restarting my plan to redo Zombies, Run 5k. Outside I'll be doing the 1st week and inside I'll be on whatever week I'm on. Right now it's week 4.  I have these great headphones called Yurbuds my husband got me. They let in ambient noise so I can hear the zombies and what is around me. I got the blue ones.
 Today was the first outside walk/run. I strapped on my water pack and headed out into the sunrise. There may have even been a slight spring in my step. :-0

The sun is just getting up.
It started out great. I went to the bike path because it's safe and I know it. On the way there I saw a pair of ladies doing their morning walk. One had a baseball bat and one had a golf club. They were very friendly and we all said hi. That reminded me I didn't have my stick with me, but nothing happened so it was all good.
I love trains!
I was going strong and enjoyed the first few running intervals. I was feeling cocky and smiling at the people I saw. I even pretended to race a train. It was great! A passing bicyclist said I was looking good, that made my day. I wonder if she knew I could hear her.

Pretty little flowers.
Shortly after the flowers my wonderful knee popped and that sucked. It hurt but I kept going, but there was no more running for today. I just tried to walk faster for those intervals.
Little mushroom.
It's sucked, it popped at the best running segment yet. I was feeling good and warm and floaty. Then bing out it goes. The walk home was slow and a bit painful, but I stayed upright. Thursday I'll try to remember my stick. Otherwise it was a great start to the day.
I was outside moving across the Earth under my own power in the coolish morning air. It was great! I can't wait to do it again, minus the pain.


  1. Pain is never a plus. Good luck for future adventures.

  2. Sorry the knee stopped before you were ready, but, baby steps!
    I often pass runners when I'm on my bike, and usually just say, "ON YER LEFT", or ring my bell. Now, I think I'll offer some friendly encouragement.

  3. Thanks! It's slow, but I'm making progress. Patience has never been my virtue.