Friday, February 6, 2015

I got to tour the school!

Yesterday my husband and I went to Tucson College to take the tour and the entrance test. It was great! I passed the test with 100%! It wasn't super hard, just some math and reading comprehension, but it still made me feel good.
The school is amazing. The bike parking is covered and right outside the door to my class. The vending machine has cupcakes! They have all kinds of neat equipment for me to learn to use. The teachers are very friendly and have a lot of experience. It has a real library with tables and a librarian! They offer job placement that is more than a paper tacked to the wall and once I'm done with the first half they will start helping me find a job! One of the places I get to go to for clinicals is actually in my to three choices of where I want to work, I even have an application in there already for housekeeping. I wish I could start with this months class, but oh well. I can't wait to start in March!
We've figured out where the first payment will come from and I have my fundraiser running in the hopes of getting help with paying the second half and repaying the first half. I really hope to succeed in raising the money.
It feels so good to have a plan again. I'm still applying for everything I can think of, but now I have a schedule to work around. I hope I can get a job before I start school, but if not they will help me get one while I'm there.
Wish me luck and if you can spread the word about my fundraiser please!
Have fun!
I can see freedom!

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