Monday, February 9, 2015

Isn't he cute!

Some cute pictures of Rory. He's turning out to be a really smart guy. He lets me know when his favorite shows come on and he can flip his house right side up on his own.
Roly ball is fun.
He rolls his ball around and can even get it in and out of his house. There's food inside so it makes noise and I can't wait for him to figure out how to open it.

He knows there's food inside.
He will now take food out of your hand and let you pet him while eating it.

He now takes food from your hand. 
He also likes to be scratched behind the ears and will let you do anything if you have a carrot.

He also gives you a look when it's gone.
It takes him about 5 minutes to pull hay out and spread it all over his cage.

Who farted?
He has a great sense of smell and squeaks when ever we pull any thing fresh out of the fridge. He also squeaks when Martha comes inside. He really loves that dog.

It was you!

Coming over to investigate.
I had read that guinea pigs were shy, but he isn't. He comes right over and checks you out if you get near him. I'm still working on the biting issue but carrot bribery works most of the time. He's not mean, it's more of a test bite to see if we are edible. He can modulate his bite pressure and he's only drawn blood a few times, but it still hurts.

I see you human.
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