Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A tasty new discovery

A few weeks ago I decided to go vegetarian. I'm not all the way there yet (I love my TV dinners way more than is healthy), but I'm giving it a strong go. My husband is very supportive of this and that is making it a lot easier than it could be. Plus, not having a paying job means I can read and research things to eat when I do have one.
One of my favorite things when I was vegetarian years ago (darn TV dinners!) Was something called the Tofurky Roast. That thing is so amazing!!!! It's better than turkey and turkey is one of my favorite things.
So, I contacted Tofurky to see if they had any suggestions and they sent me an email back with a few. They also sent me an envelope with a bunch of coupons! The people at Tofurky Rock! I'm really glad that there's a company out there that stands as solidly behind their product as they do.
Yesterday I went into Whole Foods, not a place I usually go but they had this product I couldn't find elsewhere and I had a free item coupon. I rushed to the cooler section and snatched up my prize. After checkout I literally skipped out the doors. I was that excited to get these. It's the little things that do that.

My prize!
We had them for dinner last night, I couldn't wait. We had them on buns with tater tots on the side. I made extra tots in case they sucked, at least we wouldn't have to cook something else. I had mine on a bun with a little cheddar, It was a bit to long for the bun so I bit off part of the extra first.
The first bite was awful. It was just like biting into a hot dog. I hate hot dogs almost as much as I hate beans and you can't just swallow them whole. It took a bit of will power to not spit it out. I ate a few tots then tried another bite of the sausage. It wasn't so bad, right before swallowed I detected a hint of apple flavor. I ate a few more tots. 
For the third bite I decided to actually chew it and see what happened. The flavor was really good; smoky with a hint of apples and spices. It was hearty and good. I really liked the flavor. It's not like the chicken and apple sausages made with meat, but it was good. I happily ate the rest of it then finished off my tots. An added bonus is I only needed to eat one to feel full.
I definitely would suggest these to anyone, and I'm looking forward to grilling the last couple up later this week. It was an easy and tasty dinner. They are a bit pricey, but I think that's because of where I got them and I plan to request them from the Sprouts we usually shop at. That's where we get most of our produce anyway.
My suggestions for Tofurky would be to add larger pieces of the dried apple to improve the texture and maybe thicken the outer skin a bit to make it less floppy. Also if they cut them down by a third in length you could get 6 in a pack for the same price and they would fit a bun better. Plus, they would be a better deal for a family and more comparable to hot dogs. I think it would make them more approachable.

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