Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sylvia's new skirt guards

Here's some pictures of the new set of skirt guards I made for Sylvia. I just don't think she looks right without a set.  They're made of cotton yarn with an iridescent thread running through it. 
It's a simple triple crochet mesh stitch that I finished with a single crochet at the top and bottom. I just used more of the same yarn to tie them on over her fender. They don't interfere with removing the tire because of where and how I attached them.

I like the shiny!

Ready to have her rack back.

Up close view. 
This pair came out lighter and more airy than the others and I like how it looks. I need to secure the drive side one to the top of the chain guard. (Just noticed that in the pics!) I love making things for my bike, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I may make some sleeves for her U locks next. I'm also trying to work out a triple lock holster. It's a pain unvelcroing  them from her rack every time I go somewhere. 
I thought about doing a basket liner but I like the look of the wood base to much to cover it up. I haven't placed anything small in there without a bag yet either. Time will tell what I do to the poor girl next! 


  1. Nice - thanks for the closeup pic. I like the sparkles. Do people comment on them when you're out and about?

    1. Thanks! I've had several comments and a couple of ladies wanted to know where to get them. They seemed impressed that I'd made them. They are less noticeable when I have the rack on though.