Thursday, July 2, 2015

An update on waiting and aquaponics.

I'm still waiting and praying for my number from State Board. I'm hoping it will be soon, as in today would be great. In the meantime I'm learning how to cook tasty vegetarian food and it's a lot of fun. I made eggplant moussaka and it came out pretty tasty. Tonight I'm going to try to make a nice coconut curry.
I've got a ton of websites bookmarked for recipes and I think we even saved a bit of money when we went shopping. It's a win win so far!

Transplanted peppers
We had so many pepper growing in the aquaponics bin that we transplanted some of them outside. At first they were a bit floppy looking, but in a few days they got used to the dirt and are now growing happily. Soon we'll have to plant them in the ground, but for now they are happy.

Baby lentil plants!!!
I tried to sprout lentils and it didn't work. I followed the instructions, but after 4 days of rinsing twice a day and keeping them in a dark cool place all I had was a smelly jar of icky lentils. I had noticed that there was a small number of sprouts in there so we carefully got them out of the jar and sorted on a paper towel. We wound up with about 15 tiny shoots. We put some in the aquaponics and planted the rest in a pot. I haven't seen any in the aquaponics yet, but 2 of them are holding strong in the pot. I just moved them outside today and I hope they survive! I've found that I actually like lentils and can't wait to grow some!

Parsley and cilantro
We've added parsley and cilantro to the aquaponics bin. Rory love them and it's fun to try to grow things there. There's even some lettuce still growing too!

Tasty yet tiny.
The peppers are great but small. If we let them get red they get a bit of a bite. The seeds were from a bag of roasted pepper that I just tossed in to see if they would grow. Boy did they!

Lots of pepper plants!
The peppers in the bin are still cranking out like crazy. They are really tasty too! I really need to replant more of them now that the testers are doing great. When I get my fancy beans to plant I'm going to need room, but for now I don't have the heart to shock them that way. 
Everything is growing now so I'm happy. It's a real warm tingly to use food we grew in a recipe! And it tastes better too! 


  1. Home grown food does indeed taste better. Much, much better. Particularly tomatoes.
    I hope your wait is over soon.

    1. Thanks! The tomatoes we tried died, but we'll try again with them next time. I hope it's over soon too!

  2. The plants are looking great. My family is now split between carnivores, omnivores, a vegetarian and a vegan. Interesting meals to be had here! My wife has worked out vegan versions of a lot of things now, which the rest of us eat with the addition of a side of meat.

    Good luck with the growing!

    1. It sounds like a fun home to eat at! Thanks, I need all the luck I can get with my black thumb!

  3. Your plants look very happy and healthy! I think I could be happy as a vegetarian - the rest of the family, not so much.

    I hope you get your number soon!