Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Still waiting for my number

I'm still trapped in limbo waiting for my number from State that says I'm a CNA. Technically I have a number but it's not valid because it expired 17 years ago. Wow that's a long time.
Day before yesterday I got my application back with a different application that I had to fill out because I had a defunct number. It was enclosed with a very nice note explaining the new application. It also meant I had to pay a late fee for my change of address from the one they have on file. The funny thing is we've lived here for about 14 years. I did appreciate the addressed envelope they sent with it though. I informed the school of this annoyance in case they have anyone else who is re-getting their CNA after a lifetime away. Now I'm waiting for them to get this one and give me my number. I wish I could charge them a late fee for sitting on it for almost a month while I waited, but oh well. That's the way it goes.
Lots of spinning wheels here. I made Sylvia a new set of skirt guards. Her old ones were eaten by the washer and I found another skein of the same yarn. I'm thinking of drilling her fender so I can make a more vintage looking set that will hold up better, but that would be a lot of work. I'll probably do it when I decide to repaint her later on. That way I won't be damaging the paint. Her new basket is still perfect, I like the way it carries weight. It really helps to smooth out the steering.
I've picked the places I'd most like to work and have been practicing the ride distances to get there and back. I've only actually gone to two so far but I can easily cover the distances with out dying. It's fun to explore on her, I'm going more places than ever and it feels good. It's my therapy! The only downside is I have to get up super early to go out, it's hitting 95 degrees before 9:30 am now a days. Good thing I like the heat.
I've been working hard on a new Old Agnes short story. It's a race to see what comes first, finish and publish the story or I get a job. It'll be interesting to see what wins. I hope everyone is doing great and keeping cool!
Have Fun!
I see you!

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