Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I aced the test and earned my basket!

I got the results last night and I did great!!!! My obsessive checking every few hours even though the tester said Wednesday paid off. I'm really proud of myself and now I just have to apply for my certificate. Then I can get a job! I can't wait!
I didn't miss a single step!

I have earned the basket and as soon as the varnish on the wood is dry I'm going to put it on Sylvia. It's a great looking basket and really feels sturdy. We went to the shop planning to get a Wald 159, but it was love at first sight with this on. They had a used one mixed in by accident that had a reflector. The shop threw in the reflector for free because they couldn't sell me the used basket. It belonged to another bike.

It's the perfect size!

The basket is 16"x 13"x 9". It's a much more sensible size for the front of Sylvia and will hold what I need it to. I can't wait to get it on there.

I plan to used hose clamps to attach it to the front rack. That will keep it out of the way and keep the weight down low. It's going to look great! Even better, it's going to work great!
Have fun!