Thursday, May 7, 2015

My new offering bowl

My dear husband got me this wonderful granite bowl. Now I won't have to worry about cracking any more clay pots or anything. I love the mottled look of the natural stone and the sparkle of the mica flecks. It's perfect for me.

It's very sturdy!
It easily holds a week worth of prayer slips and assorted things to burn in thanks and reverence. I've used it and the outside didn't get hot at all. I felt comfortable setting it on the plastic table on my porch and it was great not having to bend over to add slips to the fire.

That's a dime on the rim!
Believe it or not it's part of a wonderful mortar and pestle set we found at Costco! I'd been looking for a good offering bowl after I broke the pot I'd been using and now I have one that will last for years. The pestle can be used to crush out the embers if I need to leave it for some reason. Safety First! 
Have fun!