Monday, May 18, 2015

I'm making myself crazy

This is how I feel!
I took my state test and the waiting for the results is making me crazy. The testers were very nice people and my actor was a very sweet lady, but they couldn't tell me how I did. I just have to wait for my pass/fail to be posted online. It's been a couple of days, and I was told that it would probably be posted on Wednesday, but I'm going nuts. I've been trying to keep busy varnishing a board for the basket we got for Sylvia and writing and riding and other stuff, but it's not working.
Basically distracting myself is a waste of time, but there's nothing else to do.
I had been using a cute little basket we got at Fry's on clearance, but the welds kept breaking. I can't wait for the new on to be done and on her. She looks snazzy with a basket.

$2 basket that is soon to be replaced.
This morning on my little jaunt I was chased by this tiny dog and I swear it's yap was saying pass, pass, pass, fail. I had to make an emergency stop because the dog was a fast little thing and ran around the front of me. I almost squished it! Thank you husband for the brakes that actually work! As soon as I stopped the monster hopped back through the fence it had come out of. I'm glad I didn't kill it and took a different route home.
My mind is just going a million miles a minute and jump around is now it's theme song. (It's stuck in my head now too!) So this is just a brief update on what's going on in my world.
Have fun!