Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I did it!

Yesterday I passed my final exam for school!!! Tomorrow I go and do my mock state board test and find out when my test date will be. I can't wait to get my certification and get a job! This last month has been crazy busy with all the studying and practicing I got to do, but it was worth it to get this piece of paper. Now I just have to hurry up and wait for my actual board test, which means more practicing and studying. It's a good thing I like to do it.
Yay Me!
The second mod of school was harder than the first so it ate up all my free time. I had a lot of fun though and I may apply at the place I did my second round of clinicals. The staff there were great and I didn't see anything that was in violation there. It's a much better place than the first clinical site. 
It's funny, the first clinical site had a beautiful new building and lots of new gadgets, but the staff was horrible. I found so many violations both health and board that I told my teacher about, it was pathetic. 
The second clinical site could use a building redo and better lighting, but it was clean and not smelly. The staff were efficient and friendly. They worked as a team and even crossed units when it was needed. Even the nurses helped out when I asked them. 
They are both run by the same management group so I wonder why they are so different. The first is in a more affluent neighborhood and the second isn't. I wonder if placement is the key. 
Anyway, if I can't get the place I want I will definitely be applying to the second clinical site. I want to go back to the hospital, but it feels good to have an option 2 if I need it.
Wish me luck on getting scheduled soon for the board. The soonest test date is the 22nd and I really want to get this done! Until then I'll be studying and working on my next story.
Thanks for all your support! 
Have fun!!! 


  1. Hey, congratulations! Interesting how different those two sites were.

    1. It was very interesting. Almost makes me want to be an inspector or spy at all of them to see the differences.