Friday, March 29, 2013

A Great Short Ride!

Today's ride was short because I'm still a bit blah, but I think I'm almost over it. I always get sick at the change of the seasons and it sucks but there's nothing I can do and I'll live.
It was great to get out and about, I really am enjoying riding again after being off her for so long. I can't wait to be able to go further and longer. I'm so glad I dug her out and shined her up, she's really shining me up in the process. It's a win!
I found a great site that made it easy to know how high to set my new seat. The height it told me felt perfect and even though my butt is still sore (will it ever get used to riding again?) it felt really comfortable.  Here's a link to the site:
I was a little surprised to learn that Lucy is actually to big for me, but only by 1". If she were a road bike she would be perfect though so I wonder if her being a hybrid makes a difference in sizing. She feels great so I wonder what a proper fitting bike would feel like. Down that road lies madness and poverty. ;)
With the seat at the suggested height I can still reach the ground with my tippy toes and it feels like she's a lot more stable. I always had it lower and you'd think that would feel safer but this just feel right. I've bookmarked the site.
I may need to raise the handlebars to be more upright, but I would need to get cables first so that will wait. I might actually get new bars if I can find any I like. I've never been fond of her flat riser bar, it makes my hands go numb and hurts my wrists if I ride too long. I would love a moustache or northroad style on her. I think they look great and the extra hand positions would really be nice.

Pretty flowers growing by the road.

You miss so much if you go fast.

This is the first red one I've seen. The ones close to home are silver. I think it looks great and really stands out!


  1. So true about missing things when you go fast.

  2. Pretty flowers, and very true about missing a lot of things if you go too fast. I like that red fire hydrant, it looks very old fashioned.

    Blessings for lots of great rides,


  3. I am very, very happy that you are enjoying Lucy - new saddle and all. And the plants and the fire hydrant were a treat - thank you.

  4. I love that hydrant. I'm going to have to visit it again. What color are the ones where you all live?