Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Great Way To Start The Day!

I've never used a saddle this small before and it was interesting! We went for a short ride today because that's all I could handle. I'm still a little scratchy but I had to try out the new saddle.
So far it's about as comfortable as my old one, but I need to make some adjustments. I raised it half an inch when I installed it but I need to raise it more and adjust the tilt a bit down.
I'm amazed that it felt as good as it did with it not being adjusted correctly and not broken in. I can't wait to see how it does later on when it's properly set up and the leather has softened a bit.
It was a short trip, but we made it to the local park and that was a great place to take a break. The grass is starting to turn green and it was beautiful out. I really like this park because of the colorful tables and how clean the neighbors keep it. It's a great place to sit and read in nice weather.

Remember this table from this post?

I only had to stop once on the way back to catch my breath and this lovely bench was there for me. I like how the color sets off Lucy's deeper blue.

A nice place to watch traffic go by.

When I got home Princess was waiting to tell on the other cats and demanding to know where I had been. She also wanted more kibble now!
It was a great way to start my day!

It's good to come home to a smiling face, isn't it?


  1. Oh dear, kitty wants a chunk of you! Blogger appears to have eaten my friend connect feed, so I'm re-following.

  2. She's a bit demanding. Thanks for re following me!

  3. I love biking! Can't wait to get mine out soon; it's still too cold out for that. You are so lucky that you have warmer weather!

    Your cat is adorable!

  4. look at you kitty friend!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  5. Love your cat (and they are ALL demanding)- and that park looks a wonderful place to stop.

  6. All cats are demanding, but out of the six I have she is definitely the most demanding. She will even knock on doors to get me to come out and hold her or feed her and sometimes just to make me open the door. She's also territorial of me and hits if anyone gets to close when she's on my lap. It's funny because she is the smallest of them all, but they live in fear of her bad moods. Even the dogs fear her at times.