Thursday, March 21, 2013

That Was Fun(ny)!

I took yesterday off from the bike and my butt felt much better for it. Today's ride started out great. I saw the beautiful gate. Waved to my neighbors as we flew by and it was tons of fun.

I like it!
About a mile from home I saw this inviting alley and had to go down it. There were lots of dogs behind the walls. Nothing like phantom dogs to make you pick up speed fast! I left the nice alley behind, but we will be back!

It's almost a paved!
Laughing at myself and enjoying the breeze we pulled over to a curb to get a drink. So far this was the best ride yet! The air was crisp, Lucy was rolling great and it was perfect. A pigeon yelled for us to move on so I mounted up couldn't go anywhere.
Lucy wouldn't move.  I was worried that I had broken her and almost freaked out. I'm not a small woman, I'm short at 5'2" but hefty at around 250lbs so it is possible for me to break things if I'm not careful.
Then I noticed the problem. Her rear wheel was rubbing the frame and had wedged there, it had come unseated and was not going to move. My husband had  fitted her with locking skewers so when I am able to go to the store I wouldn't worry about her tires being stolen. I guess they weren't on quite tight enough and bouncing out of the alley had shaken the tire loose. I'm glad it happened when I stopped. It could have ended in a crash and damage to me, Lucy and whatever I hit!

Wheels don't go like that!

I reached into my pocket and didn't find the tool to fix the wheel. Silly me, I didn't have the tool with me to unlock it and reset the wheel. I had left it at home on a bookcase. 
For want of a tiny tool, that is now on my keychain, I had the dubious pleasure of carrying Lucy home. 

This now lives on my keychain!

Thank goodness it was less than a mile, and that alley had put us closer to home. We must have been a sight, me marching stoically while carrying my fallen steed across my chest. She isn't light and weighs about 35 lbs. Once I get the folding baskets I ordered she'll be even heavier so I'm glad it happened now. I have learned an important lesson, always have at least a mini-tool with me! And when you get something that fits on your keychain it does so for a reason, put it there!

On the plus side I got to tinker with her a little more and I had forgotten just how much fun that can be.


  1. How lucky you were (relatively) close to home and even luckier that you had stopped. Someone was looking out for you...

    1. I totally agree. Carrying her sucked but broken bones or a broken bike would have been much worse.