Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Husband The Easter Bunny

Because I've been riding almost every day my husband took me shopping today. First we went to BICAS. It's a great place that has a ton of used bike parts and bikes. Sadly, the handlebars I found were attached to a bike. I didn't need another bike so I passed on them.

Neat cactus sculpture out of bike parts.

Down the ramp we went.

The man at BICAS sent us to another shop but they didn't have any either. It was starting to look like there weren't any to be found. That shop sent us to a third shop and we hit pay dirt! Ajo Bikes was great!
They had exactly the bars I wanted. Wald 8095. They're going on her along with the new index shifters tonight. We also got her a new bell that was clearance so today was great.
Also the baskets I ordered came in today so it's going to be a busy night! I hope these handlebars help with my hands going numb, that would be great!

The bars and shifters along with another pair of locking skewers to try.


  1. Wow. Being married to the Easter Bunny paid huge bonuses today. I am looking forward to seeing a revamped Lucy.

  2. I know! She's done for now and it's off to bed. She looks so different! Thanks!