Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Back To Normal

With all that's been going on here I've been crazy busy. It's my own fault though, I'm the lunatic who decided to rearrange the house and revamp my etsy shop. The house is done, but I still have about 200 photos to edit and choose from. On the plus side my husband has finally found the time to help me learn my camera. I got it when I closed my salon, and read the manual, but I was having trouble figuring out the features. It's a green Fuji Film XP50.
I made it a strap pad so I can carry it with me without cutting my throat and I've been taking shots nonstop. No more annoying iPhone photos!

It was once a sweatshirt arm.

It's very soft.

I've gotten all the jewelry done and start on the painting's tomorrow. This will be the third time I've taken all these. but they are much better now. Still a lot to learn though.
I've been riding my bike more now that I have a bit more time and saw this yesterday morning.

It's the sunrise. I still get up early, and it's a good thing because it's getting hot here already.

The moon looks great!
This is Herman, he lives on my porch and eats ants and the bread I throw out for the birds. 

Mostly I've been keeping busy. It's weird having 2 extra hours to fill now that Zelda is gone. I really miss her and Casey; it's not the same here. Writing feels weird without Casey running on the desk. Painting is different without Zelda smacking my legs every once in a while.  I can't make myself sleep in past 5:30 but I'm getting more productive about it. Zelda wasn't sick long and it amazes me how fast you get used to things. Princess is pissed I threw out the box she slept in. She wanted it, so next Costco trip I'll have to get her one. 


  1. Brilliant photos - I would love to capture a moon photo which was that good. One of our cats has been gone for over ten years now, and I still miss him. And sometimes think I catch sight of him out of the corner of my eye. They find a home in our hearts don't they?

    1. Thanks, I got the shot by half laying on the car trunk to stabilize my upper body and taking a deep breath. As I slowly exhaled I took the shot.
      She really did worm her way into my heart, which is funny because from day one until the final day she hated me and let me know it. I have to respect her fire though. Even feeling like crap and being forced to be cleaned and stuff she never stopped fighting and biting. I miss her.