Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Bold Move

I saw this while out with my husband the other day. I'm still learning photoshop so the blurring isn't the best, I just didn't think they would appreciate having their number posted.
This is on brave person, although I  wonder if anyone will answer. It's on a light pole in the middle of an intersection.
To bad I turn 36 next month! That's an offer that's hard to refuse.


  1. I find myself wondering just what they have to bring to the deal? They seem to be a bit quiet about their own credentials...

  2. Well he clearly has a lot of cash to spend on his advertising campaign! :-)

    Might be worth keeping an eye on this to see if anything gets changed - maybe he will drop the "hot" requirement, or apartment will become "trailer"? Maybe he will stretch the age range? I see there is no hint of his own age...

  3. I almost feel sorry for him. You have to be bold and desperate to put you number up on a light post.