Monday, June 3, 2013

A Trip Up The Hill

My husband and I went up to Saguaro National Monument during the last new moon so he and his friend could take photos of the stars. I took my camera too and had a great time. My photos are nowhere near as good as his, but I think they came out ok. My camera takes better sunsets in my opinion.


Mine again.


His from a different day. Only one he could find to compete.

Nice silhouette. 

I liked the shots I got of car lights.

My star shot, I can see a few stars here.


  1. They're all pretty good, in my opinion. And yes, I can see some stars, too!

  2. Playing with the camera is so much fun isn't it? I loved your car lights.

  3. My camera (a Panasonic) has a special setting for sunsets - really brings out the reds. Is that what you have?

  4. I'm having a ton of fun playing with my camera, now if only I can get the pics of my paintings to come out better. RC, it does have a sunset setting but I think it makes the rest of the image to dark so I use the low light setting instead. It's a great little thing!