Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Proof Reader Liked It!

Just got word back that the proof reader I sent a short story to likes it and with one minor edit it is sellable!
Tonight I'll fix the small issue and then send it out for an anthology I hope to get published in. If it gets chosen it'll be my first (in a looong line) of publishing credits!
I'm so stoked and I really hope it gets picked. I also plan to send in a couple more just to pad the odds in my favor. 
This is great!!!!
I won't know until Sep. or Oct. if I get picked, but the fact that I'm even trying after all these years is a win!
Ginger and Princess have faith and so do I!


  1. Excellent - I suspect that the cats are expencting to benefit from the royalties :-)

  2. That is wonderful! Congratulations, and good luck!

  3. I really hope it gets picked! Thanks for the good thoughts! The cats want a palace. :-)