Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Got A New Camera

I love my XP50, but I hated auto-focus and that had been my only complaint until I tried to print out a photo to hang on the wall. It's a great shot of Herman the lizard.
This is the photo, he is peeking out of his house.
It looks great on the screen and Herman is in focus. It's a good photo and I love it. My husband has one of those fancy printers that prints photos for sale so I thought I was set. I choose the 8x10 size so it wouldn't be to big and was so excited. The print came out pixelated and not very good. That was the blow that made me cry. 
For my birthday, which is coming up next month, my darling husband got me a new camera. It's an Olympus E-PL3 and I'm still learning how to use it, but I love the manual mode. I control everything! It's smaller in the body than my XP50 but the changeable lenses make it heavier. Fortunately the neck strap will be comfortable after a pad is made. He ordered it so early because of a special deal to save on a second lens so now I have two lenses. I actually like the way it feels in my hand better than my Fuji, it feels more real. The pictures it takes seem better too. I guess the camera does have something to do with it after all.


The down side is I'm spending even more time outside taking random photos and bothering strangers and less time writing and painting. I'm even thinking of selling some of my photos to see if people will buy them. My husband who has sold photos and been paid to take them thinks I could actually do it. I still hate messing with them in photoshop though, so that could be a problem. I think I've gone a little crazy. This is the most fun I've had in years! Now if only I could tan and not burn.
I didn't even see the mantis when I took the shot!


  1. Congratulations on your new camera! It's interesting to see the side-by-side comparison with your Fuji. This new Olympus is great. I've been wanting to get a new camera for a while, mine is just a tiny step above a cell phone! Thanks for pointing out he mantis, I didn't see him originally.

  2. That is wonderful! Congratulations on your new camera. You will have so much fun with it. Viewing the world through a lens and capturing each moment in a photo is absolute joy for me. I think you feel the same way!

  3. Have fun. Time playing with your new toy is certainly not wasted.

  4. That is a great gift, something that will give hours of fun and games.

    I sometimes fine my auto focus annoying, but as most of my photos are spur of the moment point and click ones, having the camera do all of the tricky stuff for me is great.

    Having said that, I can see a posher camera somewhere in my future, one where I can vary the shutter speed etc...