Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Adorable Rodent

On the night of the full moon my husband and I went out to take pictures of the bats emerging from under a bridge. Sadly I didn't get anything good from them. This is my best bat pic.
It's right in front of me and moving super fast!
However on the way back to the car my husband heard a rustling noise and we investigated. These little guys and girls were all over! 

They are tiny kangaroo rats eating mesquite seed pods! They looked and acted like mini gerbils and they were only afraid if I leaned down at them. There were tons of them all over the place, but they didn't like the flash. After getting a few shots we left them to eat in peace. I love shooting wildlife!


  1. They are very cute --- so long as the stay outdoors :)

  2. I agree. They are cute but belong outside. I still want to pet one though.

  3. Shooting wildlife? You might want to re-phrase that :-)

    Those are very cute!

    I think you were lucky to get that bat shot - fast moving things like that are very much a matter of pure luck, pointing if vaguely the right direction and clicking as fast as the camera can take it!