Sunday, June 9, 2013

Went to a Meet up

Yesterday My husband and I went to a photography meet up so we could learn more about photography.  I was one of two point and shoot cameras there; and I was the only Fuji at all. The two people I talked to hadn't seen my camera make before and I had fun showing it off.

The meet up was full

 They had fun playing with it and I got a lot of good tips on how to get into position for better shots. They laughed at my lizard butt photos and told me to focus before the lizard gets there. Definitely going to try that out. It should work with birds too.
Lizard butt between leaves.

The only annoying thing was everyone asked me when I was going to upgrade. This is my upgrade, and since it had been years before I got this camera I probably won't "upgrade" until 2016. Unless I get one as a present or win the lottery. I love my camera and it's way better than my phone.
 I learned a lot about Photoshop that makes me want to try to do more with my photos than just crop them and mess with the exposure. I always thought that was cheating, but some of the things it could do were just amazing. The downside is they were using something called Lightroom and I have Elements. I did recognize a lot of the features though so that will be fun to play with. Breaking out of my Etsy photo box is fun!

Not photoshopped

A very nice construction worker who let me take his picture. His hat is a custom hardhat a friend gave him. I love his smile!

I definitely will be taking more pictures of people as well as plants. It was fun talking to him on his break!


  1. Don't let them rush you. Just take delight in taking pics and learning new stuff at your speed, Dear


  2. The best part of photography is having fun. No matter what camera you use, if you are enjoying yourself, you'll take wonderful photos.

  3. Excellent advice. It is your toy, and the only rule is to have fun. Lots of it. Every day.

  4. I agree! It's so much fun and sometimes the shots surprise me. I see things in them that I missed in real life. I think they were jealous because my camera doesn't weigh 10 lbs and fits in my pocket. Just kidding, a lot of them take photos for a living and have lost sight of the fun portion of it. That happened to me for a bit with my painting when I was taking commissions. I stopped taking commissions and it went back to being fun.