Friday, May 17, 2013

Zelda Seems to be Improving

Zelda seems to be getting better, although she looks a fright. I was warned that she might have some hair loss, but she's now mostly bald. It's caused by the allergic reaction she suffered as well as stress. It will grow back with time. The only ulcer that seems to be giving her any trouble now is the one on her front leg. It's also the leg she almost broke getting the bandages off. The one under her tail is almost gone and the ones on her hind feet are now 3/4 the size they were. She's healing faster than expected and I thank you all for the good thoughts you've sent our way.
She still hates the cleaning process and fight it, but I've gotten smart. I wear a leather jacket and the only thing she can claw is my hands. A few of the scratches are scarring on me, but it just adds character. I did try some of her cream on a really bad one and that stuff burns! Now I understand why she wants to kill me. I wish I could use something else. I'm just glad she's healing.
Here's a few happy pics.

Saw these on a walk today. 

These were at the store and I couldn't resist taking a pic. I think they will make a wonderful painting.

We rearranged the house and I now have a dedicated painting area. It's nice not to have to set it up and take it down all the time. 


  1. I'm happy to hear that Zelda is getting better. Poor kitty...

    How wonderful that you have your own space to paint in. Enjoy!

  2. It is wonderful that Zelda is getting better. Poor baby - and poor you.
    I love that you now have a dedicated painting area - and am looking forward to seeing posts about it. (Was that a subtle enough hint?)

  3. I'll definately be posting about my art more, as well as putting more up in my Etsy shop. Thanks for the encouraging comments!