Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Zoe Went To The Regionals

Zoe got picked to go to regionals for track. She was so excited!  Saturday we went to watch her run. It required getting up early, but it was worth it. I forgot to take a hat so I got a touch of the burn.

People milling about before the action.

We got there early for her event and it was packed already. There were people everywhere and it was hard to get up close enough to get decent pictures. We made sure we had a good spot to people watch then waited. 
 It was a bit warm out but the wait was interesting. A few of the parents yelled at their kids in a mean way, but most of them were very supportive of the runners. Most of them just seemed to want the kids to do their best and have fun. The women seemed to be the more aggressive ones and that was fascinating to me. I enjoyed watching the people, and a couple were even playing Frisbee. They let a little boy play with them and he had lots of fun aiming at the man.

Waiting for the hand off

She's in blue Taking the baton.
She ran in the relay race in second position and did really well. She took off like a rocket and all the practice they had been doing really paid off. No one dropped the baton. I hope she sticks with it, as long as she enjoys it. I love going to see her run

We have lift off!
Her team came in 2nd by 3/10 of a second. 


  1. Fun! Looks like a great day for it, and nice photos.
    Our middle son has been running track and cross country for six years now and our youngest just started this year. I enjoy the people watching at meets too. I'm kind of a hand-wringer when it comes to watching my kids compete, but I keep my mouth shut :).

  2. That is wonderful! Sounds like fun. I can't believe some people yell at their kids at these events. They can behave so badly at times.

  3. Looks like a good day!

    I hate it when parents get too competitive. At one of our school sports days one of the parents demanded that one of the races was rerun because one of the girls had cheated. It was the Egg and Spoon race for 5 year olds, and one girl had used her thumb to stop her ball falling off her spoon while she ran...

  4. It was a lot of fun, but I agree that the parents can be too competitive. I think they are living vicariously through their children.