Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aquaponics and my new bag

My lettuce is starting to sprout and it's amazing how fast it's growing. In less than a week it's already over an inch tall. I can't wait to harvest! We're thinking of moving a strawberry plant in to see how it does. This is such a fun experiment! 

I can't believe how fast they are growing! They are almost doubling in size daily. Soon we will have fresh greens! Bwahahaha!

Last Wednesday I got a new bag that I hoped would work for carrying my camera on my bike. Yes I am one of those people who will return something if it doesn't meet my needs.
I'm pleased to say it works great, especially after a few modifications. The bag is the Lowepro Streamline 250. It has enough room for my camera, it's small accessories, my Nook, and a bunch of random personal items. It will even hold a file folder so I've been taking it to work, actually I've been taking it everywhere with me and I'm quite happy.
It has padded pockets and a nice roomy interior, although the camera does push into there. You can expand the main pocket, but I haven't needed to yet. I only have 3 complaints about it and I was able to fix 2. I added a grab strap so it's easier to grab ( I almost dropped it once when I didn't have a firm grip on it); I put a strap pad on the shoulder strap because the rough edge was literally tearing me up; and even though I like the slate gray it comes in, I added a bit of decoration you the front.
So far it's been a week and I'm still loving it; which is good because I'm sure the warranty is now voided. It's great to carry my camera everywhere again, I had really missed it!
Before Bettyfication.

After Bettyfication.


  1. The lettuce is looking great - thanks for the update. Nice work on the bag too, although this is less appealling to than the lettuce experiment :-)

    1. Thanks! I figure your wife would be more into the bag than you, although they do market it as a murse. ;)

    2. My wife would like the bag more if it had a elephant on it. She likes elephants, we even have some in out garden!