Friday, April 4, 2014

Bike date!

Last night we went to the first Bike Fest bike-in. They were showing "The Goonies" at a little park a few miles from my house. I love that movie and we had to go! I got everything ready well in advance and even packed a picnic diner of cold chicken sandwiches and crackers. We had cookies for with the movie too!

All packed up.
All the lights were charged and on the bikes. The rear Wald baskets were deployed to hold sweaters, blankets, and seating. I love them even though they are a bit of a pain to open. They are super convenient to have.
It was fun packing stuff into Sylvia's baskets and the scary thing is she could hold way more than that. She's a real pack horse!

Niterider and Flea go nicely under the basket.
About halfway there I was struggling a bit with the extra cargo, and I even told poor husband to go ahead of me and I'd catch up. He refused and stayed with me. Then he toldme it looked like my wheel was a bit squishy. The one thing I had forgotten was to check my tires! All tires have a slow deflation factor and it caught up with me.

We made it to the park.
Even with me moving super slow we got there way early. We were the first ones to arrived. After a few minutes more people came and milled about. It was a cute little park and the only downside was no bathrooms. Fortunately there is a church nearby and I used theirs. My husband and I ate our sandwiches while we waited for the show to start.

Mirror image

"Goonies" was better than i remembered. I don't know if it was the cold outside air, the other people laughing and hooting at the screen, or the fact that it was our first bike date ever, but it was great. Even the cold couldn't detract, but I'm glad I found my favorite gloves and took them. Now I want to go and buy the movie so we can watch it again!
The ride home was dark and chilly, but not as scary as I had worried about. I have a fear of my lights suddenly dying, but it didn't happen and it was actually kind of peaceful. I'm thinking there will be more nighttime excursions in our future, especially after I get a dynamo set up.

Best light gloves ever, and they turn into mittens!


  1. What a heap of fun. And a great adventure.

    1. Now if I can get him to go to "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" later this month.

  2. First of all, I LOVE those gloves!
    Sounds like an ideal date night! I don't have any baskets or racks on my bikes for the reasons you mention - if they're loaded up, it seems cumbersome for riding. Plus, my bicycles each weigh about half of Sylvia, and I like to keep them light as can be. I carry everything in my backpack, so I don't know what's better.
    My husband has a bike, but he doesn't ride much. You've inspired me to inspire him!

    1. It was a ton of fun! I got the gloves at Target last year in the kids section. I just don't like the way a backpack feels so I like baskets. I hope to hear all about your adventures with your husband! It's great to ride together!