Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bike Swap Meet

On Sunday we went to the bike swap meet and it was a ton of fun. There were all kinds of bikes and people there. I didn't get many pictures because I was too busy touching every thing and flitting around like a loon. I was looking for a hub dynamo, but no one seemed to have brought one. I think I'll just get one from Duncan once I've saved up. Most vendors didn't take debit and I'm glad we didn't have cash with us or I would have bought stuff. Sylvia got a few compliments and that made my day though.
I'm looking for a camera purse that will fit in my basket so I can take my camera with me. My phone is okay, but after 150 odd miles of no falls I feel comfortable enough to carry my good one again. My current bag is to big and has to go in sideways.
A lot of people were there.
I had a ton of fun walking around with my husband. It was a great adventure to see all the bikes and bits for sale. I wanted one of everything. The best part though was how friendly the people were.
So many cool bike things for sale.
A lot of times when I go in a bike shop they speak over me to my husband. At the swap meet they saw me. It felt good.
Even the sun is up for the fun.
In some places it was slowed down to a crawl due to all the people. I hope the vendors sold a ton and I can't wait for the November one. I will remember to bring cash! It was a great day out though!
He posed for me!

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