Friday, January 9, 2015

Introducing Rory

Yesterday I was able to bring home Rory. We met when I started at PetSmart and it was love at first sight. He would popcorn and chatter when he saw me (and probably anyone really) and loved to be held and petted. I really wanted to take him home, but he was in isolation and not available.
He has a broken toe that will heal deformed and a condition that makes him unable to live with other guinea pigs and therefore unsalable.
I was surprised that I could adopt him so soon, but I'm very happy about it. We already had most of what he needed and will pick up the rest today. I will be making him fleece quilts for bedding because he can't use the normal paper kind or the wood type.
Apart from his special housing needs and his toe he should grow into a normal and healthy little piggy. Tonight he will be introduced to the Princess and her court. It should go smoothly; she loves anyone smaller than her.
Hay is good!



  1. I am sure he will live a long and happy life with you.

  2. Welcome, Rory! Lucky guy has found a wonderful home. This is why I think a job at a pet store would be "dangerous" for me!

    1. It totally is dangerous, good thing it's seasonal! I want to take them all home and have a real soft spot for the sick ones.