Friday, January 16, 2015

My seasonal job is almost over.

Tomorrow is my last day at PetSmart. It makes me sad to leave there and I will miss the people who I got to work with a lot. I will still be shopping there, but the dynamic won't be the same. I will no longer be one of them.
I learned a lot about retail sales and myself in my nearly two months there and I found Rory. That's a huge up point.  I may apply there next October or November if I haven't found something more permanent sooner. I'm very grateful that the manager let me know in advance that my position was ending. My husband says that's rare because most places fear employee retaliation/theft once you know you're out of a job. I like to think it's because she likes and trusts me. Besides, anything I want there I already have, employee discounts rock!
I'm currently searching for a new place to work and I have a peer review coming next week for a job I would really like. If they like me I'm might get it! I would have never had this chance if I wasn't warned in advance. I really hope to get this job, it would suit me great and I have the mad phone skills needed for it. Wish me luck!
Endings are always the hardest, whether in  writing or in life. It really does make me sad to see this very short chapter end, but now it's on to another chapter and adventure!